Covenant Fellowship Church was conceived in the heart of Dr. Kevin R. White and after months of praying, fasting and deliberation. Covenant Fellowship was birth into existence at the Chesapeake Conference Center on Sunday, October 11, 1998. Ms. Marion Smith, Ms. Valencia Spellman and Mr. Jetson Wright served as "birth coaches". In the delivery room that day were some 85 worshipers who gave witness to this miraculous birth. 
To celebrate the birth, Mrs. Dolores White led the worshipers in Praise and Worship.  A chorus of approximately 20 persons joined together to lead in the singing of hymns and musical selections.  After singing, the chorus and worshipers were so overjoyed to be in each others presence that they shouted, danced and greeted one another for about 15 minutes. 
Pastor White, who had endured hard labor pains during the birth process punctuated the day by preaching on "The Process" (Malachi 3:1-6). To further celebrate the birth of this body of Christ, people brought substantial gifts (offerings) and presented them unto the Lord.
In understanding the importance of keeping a newborn baby covered from the elements of the weather, Min. Linwood McCall led the worshipers in prayer for the "birth family". After receiving the benediction the worshipers departed the delivery room to begin life anew.
Covenant Fellowship Church continues to grow spiritually, numerically and financially unto this day.