The purpose of our Women's Ministry is to provide vision and coordination for outreach and inter-ministries of women in the local church. We work under the authority and direction of the Pastor and Leaders in the local church. Through smooth functioning of the Women's Ministry, our gifts are connected to people with needs, so that the body of Christ can function to the glory of God.

 This ministry serves women from age 18 and up. Proverbs 19:21 declares, "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. We can fulfill our Divine Destiny in the body of Christ by remembering that our calling is Heavenly, Holy and High. God's calling is unchangeable.
God has chosen us to be His representatives on earth and in light of this truth, we have a Godly challenge to live worthy of the calling we have received. We have an awesome privilege of being called God's very own. Therefore, we must be humble, gentle, patient, understanding and peaceful individuals so that others can see Christ in us.
As we endeavor to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace, we understand our divine purpose is to fulfill our Divine Destiny in the body of Christ. We will forever keep in the fore front that our purpose in this ministry is for God alone.
Our desire is to turn those people that are seeking God into fully developed followers of Christ through relevant preaching, teachings and up-to-date worship.
Our vision is to reach all generations within the body of Christ with the good news of Jesus through Culture-current forms of evangelism, worship and teaching. We also desire to nurture and to work with other congregations to reach a common goal.
The vision of CFC Youth Ministry is to present Christ to the people of Chesapeake and abroad in a caring and creative way that will produce beneficial disciples of all ages, while offering them a forgiving and openhearted environment. We will simultaneously meet the needs of all generations of people in our community, through biblical teachings and a lifestyle that will create social action, conscience and responsibility. We want to produce the TOTAL MAN, Spiritually, Physically and Mentally.
As members of the Youth Ministry, we must continue to build relationships with all generations by offering them Christ-centered teachings that will lead to a lifestyle of quality worship, a heart to serve and credible leadership. We are to be the example to the entire body of believers by addressing the needs of the Youth Generation through parallel worship and teachings that will exalt and honor our Lord.
 Beauty of Holiness dance ministry's sole purpose is to glorify God through dance. Psalm 29:2 as well as 1 Chronicles 16:29 emphasizes that we are to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Therefore, as a dance ministry we must assemble ourselves together to worship, praise and give thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at all times. Our dance ministry, by the grace of God is duly dedicated to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God which is our reasonable service (Romans 12:1). As we continuously grow spiritually, we are looking forward to constant elevation and great change. Our members are protected and prepared daily by putting on the full armor of God (Ephesians 10:18).
Beauty of Holiness embraces a zeal to dance as well as walk by faith in the immerse vision of Covenant Fellowship Church. Glory to our King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
CFC Outreach Ministry is a ministry organized and committed to providing emergency financial, food and clothing assistance to those that are experiencing hardships.  It is our desire to help meet basic needs while building relationships that allow us to provide help in deeper ways.